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Hi there, my name is Morgan. I am working to create what I consider to be the book connection, great books which pair oh so perfectly with a comfy chair and a good cup of coffee. Or, if you prefer a stronger drink. Or a cup of tea perhaps, the point is I find books go well with something to sip on. And though my books are not about coffee or something stronger, these things certainly do make appearances from time to time.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been writing pretty much anything which popped into my head and for the most part I never really finished anything. However, writing was an obsession and I kept at it. I am now 33, I have two amazing toddlers and an awesome husband and I am finally ready to throw my writing out there. Into the world of people that are not my family and close friends.

I am taking this as I go. Each step is slightly more terrifying than the last as I get closer to putting my stories out there. I am drifting outside that perfect comfort zone which I have sat in for far too long. I will, hopefully, document these steps as I go however just a reminder I have two toddlers. So things can get a little crazy over here. But with some hot coffee and my unfuddled brain I think I can get through this documenting my new Indie author life. And share my books along the way.