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Revenge is a bitch

Georgie is just another rich kid who lost got left with a fortune the day her parents died.

Georgie’s got an obsession with getting revenge. She wants to track down the man who put her parents in their graves far too early. She’s getting an edge with a blue eyed killer. Not to mention she may have the Devil in her corner as well. For now at least…

No one ever considers the Devil doesn’t want just any soul, but for the right one he would do just about anything.

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Madness is hell…

Sometimes one has to go back to where it all began in order to understand the end.

Go back to the Ravens and the man with the black eyes.

This is the story from the woman locked in Hell by the Devil himself. A woman born in an old England which never existed. She would become Queen of the Heathens. And her journey between worlds would lead her to a terrible truth, one which would test her loyalty, her strength and her love. For here is how the Old Gods condemned one bloodline to a curse of death, and in the other, the Devil awoke the madness inside.

It doesn’t matter that we die, it only matters how we live

I'm Not Her

War is a bad game…

The story continues…