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Dreams to Goals Plan by an Introvert

Turning my dreams to goals plan happened because of a need for change. Don’t worry if you’re thinking you’re not a go getter. Or a get outta my way cuz I am getting s**t done kinda person. That’s cool, neither am I but I recently got some steam under my butt and I would like to share.

How did I turn my Dreams to Goals Plan?


I had a few goals bouncing around my head and by the time baby #2 came along I noticed nothing was changing! Because I changed nothing. I spent a lot of time thinking about my dreams and finally had enough.

So, this was the beginning of my Dreams to Goals Plan!

So, simple I took my dreams and first broke them down into named goals.

I want to write a good book!

I want to get back in shape!

Okay, great… good goals. But what did I need to acquire in order to acheive such awesome goals?

A good story idea.

A good workout that I would actually enjoy doing!

There were more for each but I am just simply trying to get you to start thinking about it. What are your goals? What do you dream of doing, be it lose weight or climb a mountain or write a book? Start thinking about it. And then what would you need to acquire to hit these goals in real life.

I’ve given you mine.

Good, moving on. So you have all these things you will need to acquire. Now, the changing part, what are the ACTIONS you must do to aquire said needs?

Ah-ha! We must do in order to have. Super simple and so hard sometimes.

I shall use my above examples:

A good book requires a good idea which means I must look for one. I use writing prompts off Pinterest for that… so the action was looking for a prompt which got my juices flowing.

The next action was writing characters… you see where this goes.

Getting in shape, need an enjoyable workout. I asked around, I also needed a safe workout (I had two babies and pelvic floor was a serious issue) So I googled, I pinterested and eventually found mommy friendly, fun workouts.

So good, you have your ACTIONS. Now you actually have to do these things and that takes work and effort.

We now turn to Motivation! HUGE point here, guys! If you can’t get motivated then there is no point in making lists and lists.

So what motivates you???? Think about it for real, what gets you going? What about your dream clings to your inner beingness and just won’t let go no matter how hard you try and ignore it?

You write that down! And you go back to it. Every. Freakin’. Day. Or every hour on the hour until you are so ready to destroy your action plan! P.S and in case you haven’t noticed my big motivator is Pinterest BUTTT. Note the huge but. Careful with this one because it has a way of eating hours so set a timer. Find what you need to get you going and when that timer goes off you start your first action.

Okay, I hope this helps people out there like me. I have created a few cheatsheets to help your with your dreams to goals plan, grab them below!

To crushing your goals!